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Shaeer’s Cavernotome Initiative for Low-Income Countries

Prof.Shaeer understands that many patients are living with cavernous fibrosis with failed implantation and re-implantation. This is particularly noticeable in countries with fewer experts in such cases. Financial hardships may contribute to this unfortunate state, especially in low income countries.

Prof.Shaeer decided to provide Shaeer’s Cavernotome to selected public hospitals in low income countries free of charge or for cost price, excluding shipping.

Twenty per cent of the sales of Shaeer’s Cavernotome will finance this initiative. Prof.Shaeer is also ready to help/train interested implanters on the management of cavernous fibrosis. This initiative shall remain in effect as long as Prof.Shaeer owns the company.

We pray that God shall look kindly upon this initiative and accept it.

In order to apply for this initiative, please go to the Contact Us page and fill in the form, indicating relevant details such as name, institution, country, volume of implantations, number of cases with fibrosis and an open text on why your institution needs to benefit from the initiative.

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